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SIMOC Cyber Security Suite

It aims to anticipate the steps of a potential hacker, reducing the attack surface.

Several activities and tools compose the "SIMOC SCAN" module, applying scans to the cyber infrastructure and identifying and classifying the criticality of exposed vulnerabilities, based on open-source publications (CVE) and the RUSTCON knowledge base.

For example: software with outdated versions or in need of update patches, open ports due to operational flaws, configuration errors, among others.

Reports are produced with vulnerability indication and classification, along with suggested corrective actions.

As a post-action, the suggested corrections are tested to confirm the success of the activity.

It aims at prevention.


The PENTEST activity is well known in the security community, performed by the ethical hacker and of great importance for prevention, by anticipating the identification of vulnerabilities.


In the SIMOC ATTACK module we were able to automate many PENTESTER activities, increasing the productivity and capacity of our ethical hacking team.


Reports are produced with indication and classification of vulnerabilities and suggestion of corrective action.


As a post-action, correction suggestions are tested to confirm the success of the activity.

It aims to be the first line of defense (reaction) when identifying potential attempted attacks.

We know that a cyberattack takes days, sometimes several weeks, to be successful. The possibility of the attack being successful is almost zero when we block the hacker's actions in their first steps.

Tools carry out real-time monitoring of cybernetic infrastructure (endpoints and managed network assets), identifying and correlating security events to recognize possible attack attempts and immediate containment.

It aims to anticipate problems, but it can also serve cybersecurity defense.

By using the SIMOC Cyber Security Suite as a sandbox within the testing process, it will increase confidence that when incidents occur for real, you will be prepared.

Ensure that everyone knows their role in preventing and managing attacks. Ensure that your procedures actually work - securely!

Verify software and procedure updates and changes.

Demonstrate compliance with standards. When used in conjunction with our security integrity check, it is part of an overall assessment of the environment.

Do not forget that using our solutions may include testing in IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) environments, including critical infrastructures.

It aims to increase the situational awareness of the defense team by transforming data into knowledge.


MISP stands for Malware Information Sharing Platform. SIMOC MISP is a threat intelligence solution comprised of tools and documentation that enable effective analysis of potential malware compromise.


The indicators of compromise are shared with other modules and accessed by the defense teams.

Just like SIMOC MISP, its objective is to enhance the situational awareness of the defense team by transforming data into knowledge.


This knowledge enables the prevention and reduction of cyber attacks. This set of tools collects, processes, and analyzes data to understand the motives, behaviors, and targets of digital attacks.


Based on data fusion, SIMOC Intelligence provides context that contributes to decision-making regarding the security of the company.


Through Cyber Threat Intelligence, it is possible to know who is attacking your organization, what the hacker is using to carry out the attack, and which systems are compromised.

The SIMOC Cyber Range is a unique advantage of RUSTCON, developed on demand for the Brazilian Army and evolving over more than 10 years, currently in the NG version.

It has become one of our main differentiators because it offers a set of essential functionalities for the suite of modules in the cybersecurity platform.

Through its interface, it is possible to easily create any x86/Ethernet/IP-based ICT infrastructure for penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and simulation of various types of attack and defense techniques, allowing exploration of all network assets.

The solution works with the concept of virtualization, meaning that the network assets presented in the scenarios are real, accessible, and can even integrate with physical ICT and OT assets, composing a complete infrastructure and making the applicability of the platform even more realistic, hyper-realistic.

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Cyber Security Suite

SIMOC is used to meet the majority of technological requirements demanded by a Security Office and can be easily integrated with market solutions.

Data breaches and cyber attacks are highly common. While the scope, severity, and cost of an event may vary depending on the incident, even the smallest one can be detrimental to an unprepared business without proper protection.


Since there is no foolproof way to prevent these incidents, companies should focus on building a more resilient operation against the damages of an attack and be capable of quickly returning to normal operations.

The SIMOC Cyber Security Suite will support the lifecycle of the Security Office by automating essential activities, such as monitoring for early detection of attacks, scanning for exposed vulnerabilities, and conducting periodic penetration testing.


Its main technological component is the SIMOC Cyber Range, a highly realistic simulator that models the actual infrastructure of your organization.

  • ​The best way to learn is by actually doing it.

  • The best way to test a plan is by trying it out.

  • The best learning environment is your own.

SIMOC provides exactly that - with security.


It offers a virtual environment where organizations can demonstrate critical capabilities and showcase how effectively they integrate people, processes, and technology to protect their information, services, and strategic assets.

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